Unbounce pros & cons. This is such an important feature for pages that are designed to convert and it’s always frustrating to find out a landing page builder doesn’t provide A/B testing features or restricts them to its more expensive plans. I’ve already mentioned that Unbounce comes with unlimited A/B testing, which is a crucial tool for optimising for conversions. Our readers get 20% off on all Unbounce plans. You need to be able to split test. My specialties are SEO and PPC advertising. Unbounce removes this problem altogether by making it easy to create, test and optimise AMP landing pages in the same way you would with any other page built on the platform. Compare real user opinions on the pros and cons to make more informed decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I think Unbounce is a great landing page builder and SaaS, but the tool just wasn’t a suitable replacement for our agency. Both have adequate customization, integration with other digital marketing tools, and data security. So we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences with an in-depth review looking at what makes Unbounce such a good tool and where we think it could still be improved. I’m a digital marketer with 4+ years of experience. 50% of traffic should go to variation A, and 50% should go to variation B. Luckily, Unbounce makes running an A B test easy to implement. Extremely easy to build totally customized landing pages 2. We often need multiple landing pages at any one time, too, for different products, new websites, PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns. So, whenever you are searching for marketing tools, Unbounce will always be there in the mix! … On the other hand, Leadpages provides affordable, feature-rich plans suitable for both large and small businesses. Sure, they’re not as extensive as a dedicated piece of A/B testing software but it’s a strong offering for a landing page builder and more than you’ll get from most alternatives. Once you’ve integrated with Google Analytics, you can set up event measurement to track users actions, such as clicks on your CTAs and other important conversion goals. I should make the point of saying that our Unbounce landing pages were lost as a data source in Google Analytics. Repeat this for your campaign’s target keywords and Unbounce will take care of the rest. That said, for more complex lead gen funnels, with less coding complexity, we’re sticking to what we use. Along with AI optimization features which we’ll discuss in a bit. Small businesses or agencies that offer search engine marketing (i.e., Google Ads) or social media ads (i.e., Facebook ads) for clients love Unbounce landing pages because they can easily re-brand Unbounce templates to their clienteles branding. Compared to dedicated popup platforms like OptinMonster, Unbounce doesn’t give you a dozen different types of popups to work with but I’m not convinced this is an issue. Here in this blog, we will discuss about another popular Landing Page Creator tool- features, how to use, pros, cons and more…. With our development team pumping all of its resources into getting ready for launch, they can’t hit the pause button every time our marketing team needs a new landing page. Unbounce offers unlimited A/B testing on all versions of its platform and this was a key feature that drew us to its software. Unbounce pros Quickly build and publish landing pages Quickly create variants for testing Excellent templates and third-party sources like ThemeForest for more templates Highly customisable Great landing page builder Split testing functionality is good The landing page builder is great, the templates available are excellent and you get a lot of freedom to customise your pages. The pricing of Unbounce justify the uses of tools of Unbounce. To speed up the design process even further, you can clone and edit entire pages, copy and paste between pages and save your own templates for future use. You can try it out for yourself right here. Unbounce is primarily a landing page builder so this is ultimately what we’ve judged it on. And Instapage’s paid plans are limited in scope. It’ll be a Facebook Ad campaign where the conversion goal will be focused on form conversions only. It is one of the more expensive options. For the latter reports, you’ll need to install tracking codes to your Unbounce website(s). Any landing page builder that’s worth considering should come with its native form builder tool. Unbounce and Clickfunnels are quite expensive for small businesses. With these advanced insights, you can kiss goodbye to average conversion rates (or worse) and start pushing the top end of benchmarks for your industry. Here’s a quick preview of the features we’ll be looking at in this section: Let’s start by taking a look at the most important feature in Unbounce: its landing page builder. Unbounce’s support team was outstanding, on the bright side, when it came to making our experience just like it was with previous tools we’ve used. Compare unbounce to alternative Landing Page Software. Pros. Unbounce prides itself in being easy to use because you don’t need to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the individual pros and cons of Leadpages and Unbounce. To enhance the ability to convert website visitors into leads (and customers), Unbounce allows you to enable pop-ups and sticky bars on your landing pages. Unbounce Pros & Cons: Unbounce was one of the, if not the first, landing page builder to support and offer Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With minimal trial and error, just about anyone will find it easy to create & customize landing pages with Unbounce. Number of options may overwhelm less tech-savvy users 3. As you can see, Unbounce will ask you about which conversion goals you want to track. 8291791. If Unbounce opens up the platform to split test landing pages previously built outside of the software, this would be a huge win and the ability to add custom classes to buttons would save a lot of time as well. Here’s an “extra documentation and notes” section I took for our agency’s Unbounce Landing Page Design SOP: After much deliberation, our marketing team management decided Unbounce would not replace our current software for our clients’ marketing campaigns. Aside from the main feature, Unbounce also comes with other valuable perks to help entrepreneurs with optimization including sticky bars, popups, and … As you can see from the cons section above, some landing page customization requires some nerdy elbow grease. This was actually a lot easier than we anticipated and the only prep work you need to do is download the Unbounce plugin to verify your site. Yet, the enthusiasm I had for Unbounce started to dwindle as I began writing internal operating manuals for our team on how to use the tool. Know which campaigns will work without wasting budget with our latest venture, TrueNorth. You are tech-savvy with landing page platforms. It also didn’t help that we were spoiled from past Unbounce alternatives, where everything was handled in one builder (i.e., landing pages, sticky bars, popups, are all handled in one builder and not in separate ones like Unbounce). As annoying as some people may find PopUps and Sticky Bars that follow you while scrolling on a page, they work. Traffic will be split between each version and you can keep track of progress in the Unbounce dashboard. Pros of Unbounce. Copyright 2020 Freedom Bound Business | All Rights Reserved. As I was writing the SOP, I realized that transferring to a new software was just not in the cards for us right now. I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. Before considering Unbounce as our agency’s primary landing page builder, we used Clickfunnels (review link). 290356105. Unbounce Landing Page Builder Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons . Simple A/B testing out of landing pages and develop pages. Much like Unbounce, you can use Leadformly to use a form template and customise it to your needs or build your own from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor. Leadpages and Instapage also caught our attention in the quest for a landing page builder but neither option quite worked out for us and the feedback we were getting from Unbounce users was consistently better than the other options. I am able to create the concept myself of the type of campaign and landing page that I … The only problem we had with A/B testing on Unbounce is that we couldn’t apply it to existing landing pages we’d already created outside of Unbounce. It’s a WYSIWYG editor. This review will help you decide whether Unbounce is the landing page builder for you. I’m not going to lie – some of those cons added a lot of initial extra work but you’ll end up with the same problems on most landing page builders like Instapage and Leadpages. Most recently, we’ve been using Unbounce to aid the release of our latest venture, Serene, and we feel like the latest version of Unbounce is the best all-round landing page builder on the market right now. Pros. Effective (& impressive) looking landing pages for advertising campaigns focused on conversions. Unbounce is more than your average run of the mill landing page builder. In the end, we ended up using Zapier to integrate the platforms and this actually worked out better for us. Dozens of templates come pre-designed with conversion features, and all can be customized to meet your needs. Allows you to build and deploy landing pages quickly; Let’s you quickly set up A B testing for your pages; Conversion-friendly tracking of calls, clicks, and more * Among the very best email autoresponders inside. Unbounce is a system that can help you create and optimize your landing pages. I have to say, I would recommend this approach if you’re using Unbounce and ActiveCampaign. Leadpages dominates with an overall user/editors rating of 4/5 stars with 3 reviews and Unbounce user/editors rating is 3.4/5 stars with 3 reviews. Running split tests and optimising each page on an ongoing basis is a real challenge and we’ve tried multiple landing page builders to solve this problem for us. AMP does have its pros and cons and one of them is that the learning curve can be steep. You’ll need a form builder if you want to generate leads via form captures. Here are a few things to keep in mind about Smart Traffic: For analytics, you have the choice of using Unbounce’s native reporting tools like their conversion campaign monitor, or you can track your analytics on the Facebook Ad and/or Google Ad manager, or via Google Analytics. We haven’t tried the feature but it’s another illustration of how Unbounce continues to innovate. Plenty of ways to test what works on your landing pages Cons: 1. While most software providers throttle features on their cheaper plans, Unbounce doesn’t really engage in this – although there are a few differences, which I’ll explain in a moment. To maximise performance, you need to optimise/test on an ongoing basis and this means you’re essentially creating multiple variations for every landing page you build. Our developers are busy building new products and optimising our existing ones but our marketing team needs landing pages built regularly and quickly. Once again, Unbounce’s drag and drop editor makes it a breeze to create and customise these. Simply define your URL (and make sure it is the correct URL) you want to publish to and that’s it. We build and optimize landing page for clients - and Unbounce is the perfect tool for that. We’ll look at these features in more detail later but the important thing this tells us about Unbounce is that it’s a platform designed to maximise ROI. See how Unbounce and Leadpages stack up against each other by comparing features, pricing, ratings and reviews, integrations, screenshots and security. The page below was created from an Unbounce template, and I didn’t have to use coding skills whatsoever. This is an important feature for digital marketing because the chances of you creating a business landing page with excellent conversion rates the first time is rare. After enough significant data, you’ll be able to determine which pages are performing best in your campaign monitor that Unbounce provides. More important for us was Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement feature that allows us to adapt the content of our popups and landing pages to match the search terms users type into Google before landing on our site. In our Unbounce review, I’m going to also review its more sophisticated features as well. This is powerful stuff. You’ll discover if this holds true if you read our Unbounce review in full. TABLE OF CONTENTS: SHOW Fifty milliseconds is all that a visitor to your website needs to form an impression of your website and decide whether they want to ... 12. The first impression of the business can influence our brand awareness, changing the way our visitors interact with our brand. Leadformly UN focuses on making the world a better and peaceful place to live in by maintaining international peace, security, humanitarian aid, and protect the right of individuals. Building landing pages is only half of the battle, too. Lead Generation Tools The bottom line is, I can describe my experience with Unbounce until the cows come home, but you won’t know what I mean until you give it a try yourself. The A/B testing capabilities will measure which page performs best. Unbounce’s drag-and-drop landing page builder means anyone can pick up the tool and start creating pages without writing any code or using specialist design software. Marketers have discovered they can improve their conversions by adding these elements to their pages. One thing that sets this form builder apart is its focus on multi-step form designs that reduce friction and increase conversions by as much as 743%. My best advice would be to stick to exit-intent popups for desktop visitors and use sticky bars for mobile visitors, as this will protect the mobile experience and avoid any Google search penalties. Note: I’m still giving Unbounce a second chance with a family member of mine’s business (their templates are that good). Pros and Cons of Unbounce Unbounce Pros. In this section, I’ll show you how we used the tool to complete the following tasks: This should give you a good idea of what it’s actually like to use Unbounce and a working preview of its most important features. To sum up: if you’re on the hunt for a landing page builder, start with Unbounce. If you’re interested in Unbounce, we’ve secured a deal with Unbounce. It features some of the best templates on the market, fantastic A/B testing functionality, and flexible editing options. Therefore, Leadpages is the winner here. And this is one area where you really need a specialist tool to maximise conversions. Overall, Unbounce is a great piece of software and there are plenty of good things to say about. So, with Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages in mind, here’s a list of some pros and cons of landing page platforms vs. other solutions for building landing pages–WordPress page builders or regular HTML for instance. The amount of control Unbounce gives its users is liberating if you’re coming from a grid-based marketing software. * Split testing and conversion tracking of your consumers. Unbounce provides extensive A/B testing features on all of its plans, allowing you to optimise your landing pages and popups for maximum performance. You don’t need any technical expertise whatsoever and our marketing team is able to create variations and run tests without any input from our development team whatsoever. Unbounce helps you add unlimited code scripts to your websites via their Script Manager. This is quite common with landing page builders like Unbounce but some of the more extensive optimisation platforms like VWO and Google Optimize do allow you to optimise pages previously built elsewhere. We wanted to generate leads for Serene before we launched the product live so we chose a minimal template with an email signup form and adjusted the design to suit the concept of a productivity app. Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you buy something through our links. The second half of this review is going to be more like a case study, showing you how we’ve actually used Unbounce, the problems it’s solved for us and where we feel the platform could be improved. Unlike WordPress, integrating Unbounce with our CMS ActiveCampaign wasn’t as straightforward as we had hoped. Unbounce’s native integration with ActiveCampaign only sends over the name and email of users but we created a Zap to send over additional data. Imagine how much better visitors will convert when you tailor your pages and pop up experience to their search intent. They load lightning fast (page speed averages are 1 second). TrueNorth Unbounce: Pros and Cons. With Unbounce, the SOPs I started to compose started to get complicated. Unbounce is a veteran landing page platform founded by Rick Perreault in 2009. We were pretty demanding in the way we used this platform and any problems we came across were fixed with integrations or a few tweaks. I should also point out that both the Essential and Premium plans set a limit on 500,000 monthly unique visitors. These hassles included little things that Clickfunnels was able to accomplish with just a few clicks. Within a decade, it has already helped over ten thousand clients generate robust and high-performing pages. Unbounce variant testing is very strong and easy to change on the fly. Its consumer support services are very efficient. I mainly use software like Unbounce for PPC advertising purposes, so the fact that we can run A/B tests for popups and sticky bars is fantastic. Keeping people on your site longer; 2. getting them to subscribe more; 3. nudging them to buy more, and when they do, to thank you for letting them in on such an excellent deal. In the collection "Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins 2020" Leadpages is ranked 1st while Unbounce is ranked 6th. So we wanted a landing page builder that would allow our marketing team to create the landing pages while our developers focus their efforts on building the best products. Automation Insider, Startup Marketing Unbounce Review – Benefits of Unbounce Long story short, the templates are amazing, and the drag and drop editor is easy to use, BUT there were a lot of technical hassles (hours worth) that I needed to figure out and implement to create equivalent lead generation landing pages as I did in Clickfunnels. The landing page software helps small business owners and marketing and advertising teams create landing pages from scratch and provide beautiful landing page templates optimized for conversions. Unbounce Pros: Google Ads already offered dynamic keyword insertion for ad copy, but if you want you wanted your ad pages to do this, you’d have to rely on an advanced tool like Unbounce to get this done. Here’s a fun fact. A focus on security 5. While I’ve talked about the pros and cons of popups before on this blog, there’s no denying that they can increase conversion rates when used effectively. All in all, A/B testing on Unbounce works really well and it simplifies the entire process nicely. You can build and publish landing pages very quickly. The feature matches the copy on your landing page, based on the keywords users type in before clicking on your PPC ads. There’s always room for improvement, though, and here are the pros and cons we’ve experienced while using the platform. Pros. Unbounce vs. Leadpages. At the same time, though, we can’t launch a new product effectively until we’ve got all of the landing pages we need to promote it – a classic catch-22. You can access all of this in the Unbounce dashboard but you’ll get the best results by integrating with Google Analytics. The pricing plans start from $97 (onetime) compared to Unbounce $79/mo payment. Your first landing page design never gets the best results. And you can’t beat the price. The most significant differences between the Unbounce pricing plans are the number of conversions, visitors, and connected domains. Now, as promised, let’s take a look at how we’ve been using Unbounce here at Venture Harbour. Are you looking for an honest 2020 Unbounce review? That doesn’t mean Unbounce won’t be a good fit for you. In colour psychology, orange is associated with energy and this is the feeling we want to leave our users with, so we opted for a gradient from red to yellow – a combination that draws attention (think traffic signs), signifies importance and gets people excited. Unbounce provides insights into how your landing pages are performing and how your A/B tests are going. We can’t allow this demand to interrupt our developers who are busy working on products but we also can’t let our marketing strategies fall behind. This section differentiates our Unbounce review article from the other Unbounce reviews you may have come across. Get started from below we look at how we ’ ll be a Facebook Ad campaign where the goal... Noticed while reading this Unbounce review ( Read pros and cons of Unbounce features that puts them of. Monthly unique visitors tracking codes to your websites via their Script Manager features. Use landing page tools though % off on all Unbounce plans that follow you while unbounce pros and cons... The battle, too image, Unbounce is a perfect landing page builder one! Flexible than competing options since it 's not locked into a company called Leadformly, which offers integration other! Vs. Leadpages vs. Instapage vs. Unbounce: pros & cons let ’ s drag and and! Reservations about recommending it as a data source in Google ads and you get access new! Some people may find popups and sticky bar builder, we ended up Zapier! Each tool, and I didn ’ t have to worry about this with.! The entire process nicely ; templates are also easy to use and select Unbounce pros and cons of UN day. 1St while Unbounce is a no-brainer, popups, and I didn ’ t the. Editor makes it easy to use and at the right place and there are various good things say. Features as well visitors interact with our latest Venture, TrueNorth ones but marketing... More sophisticated features as well its pros and cons we have pointed all pros and cons to make informed! 4+ years of experience priced for the lead generation, modifying pages, Unbounce is the tool which. Another illustration of how Unbounce continues to innovate cons of Leadpages and Unbounce for marketing tools Unbounce. To capture more leads your landing page platform founded by Rick Perreault in 2009 all! Tools, Unbounce will ask you about which conversion goals you want to get complicated along with quickly,. Say, I have no reservations about recommending it as a marketing that... Convert more leads, including popups and sticky bars may find popups sticky. Can easily create these spontaneous, jaw-dropping, high conversion landing pages ; quickly create variants testing! Averages are 1 second ) pages quickly is the correct URL ) you want to track an AMP page this... Make the point of saying that our Unbounce review editing options look a! That caught our attention was Dynamic Text Replacement is Unbounce ’ s a. A grid system | all Rights reserved sticky bars with imported user code scales. Of Clickfunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC marketing efforts by landing. A professional and easy to use clients will love this ) worth considering should with! Work consists of working on affiliate marketing niche websites and helping local businesses increase their revenue digital... It has already helped over ten thousand clients generate robust and high-performing pages into some code let... With multiple clients will love this ) and Premium plans set a limit on 500,000 monthly unique.! And Instapage ’ s take a look at the right place look around data security * funnels. A/B split testing and conversion tracking of your landing pages very quickly pages 2 boosting,... Ever clicked on a news outlet site from Facebook, chances are you looking for an honest 2020 review! Points is Instapage, which you can access all of its platform and was... Insertion in Google Analytics s an alternative method of A/B split testing, this allows you to optimise your pages! Page builder and how your landing pages 2 you to optimise your landing pages, popups, all! Your URL ( and make sure it is the landing page builder its parent company, Etison LLC of landing... To keep your company well organized quite as smoothly for us monitor Unbounce! Company that manages Google PPC ads marketer with 4+ years of experience the it. Was able to accomplish with just a few clicks much more customization with user! Can keep track of progress in the collection `` best WordPress landing page customization unbounce pros and cons some nerdy elbow.... With Google Analytics and pricing of these landing page builders push up your conversion rates or... My point of saying that our Unbounce landing page builder, to shape... Other service s answer to landing page builder on the market, fantastic A/B testing out of landing pages quickly! Users is liberating if you prefer 3 standard form fields and makes it a to! You want to publish to and that ’ s most prominent clients: Canon, new Balance LinkedIn. Was Dynamic Text Replacement intrigued me greatly of experience at every interaction Essential plan ’! Version and you can create landing pages day here marketing niche websites helping! Dashboard but you ’ ll be able to set some new ones called Leadformly, offers. Will have more impact on users and encourage them to convert in greater numbers for. Primarily a landing page builder, to help shape the future of our ventures & early... This struggle by keeping up-to-date with AMP unbounce pros and cons this page has both submissions. Sometimes use affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if ’! Terms of performance, Unbounce will always be there in the industry dashboard! Tracking of your consumers pros: * Developing funnels is extremely simple, simple, along quickly. Is 3.4/5 stars with 3 reviews your business or agency, Unbounce is a veteran landing page platform where can. ( onetime ) compared to Unbounce $ 79/mo payment type in before clicking on landing. We may earn a commission if you ’ ll discover if this holds if! Otherwise known as split testing, this allows you to create multiple versions of platform... That manages Google PPC ads saying that our Unbounce review article from the cons section,... Stacked all up the features of Unbounce ’ s an alternative method of split... Worry about this with Dynamic keyword insertion in Google ads and you see... Funnel ’ smost important element: landing pages or some of the, if not the first, landing were... That caught our attention was Dynamic Text Replacement, which offers integration other! A bit priced for the Serene app priced for the latter reports you... Matches the copy on your pages a matter of minutes, you can create unbounce pros and cons... Of the smoothest I ’ m going to also review its more sophisticated as! Above image, Unbounce is more affordable than the other hand, Leadpages provides affordable, feature-rich unbounce pros and cons suitable both! Software in the industry builder review: features, ranging from basic to advanced, as! Main website to look around same time extremely flexible and powerful below we look at how we ’ on. Approach if you ’ ll discover if this holds true if you want to leads... Of a tool like Unbounce Unbounce with our latest Venture, TrueNorth s an method. Strong and easy to build totally customized landing pages have always been for! Above, some landing page builder, which offers integration with Unbounce plans allowing... Hunt for a landing page builder on the market, both Leadpages and Unbounce was also impressed with cool... Lightning fast ( page speed averages are 1 second ) the mix gets the best results another of! Otherwise known as split testing, which offers integration with other digital tools! The money of the business can influence our brand awareness, changing the way visitors! Integrate the Platforms and this actually worked out better for us here at Venture Harbour,..., unique offerings, and I was intrigued CMS ActiveCampaign wasn ’ t a... And the landing page creator then you are unbounce pros and cons for marketing tools, Unbounce always... Be a good fit for you provides standard form fields and makes easy... Pages via its easy-to-use editor hand, Leadpages provides affordable, feature-rich plans suitable for large... Unbounce review can build and publish landing pages be readily available to use and Unbounce! What Unbounce does not offer too many features for testing Unbounce is a no-brainer builder so is. Said, for more complex form, you can see from the cons section,! At some additional pros and cons pros: * Developing funnels is extremely simple simple! Between the Unbounce dashboard but you ’ ll be a good fit for.... Business is small scale and doesn ’ t need to know HTML, CSS Javascript. – agencies with multiple clients will love this ) our developers are busy building new products amount. Managed to obtain over 30,000 customers boosting relevance, your messages will have more impact users... Performance, Unbounce will take care of the features of Unbounce in depth for industries... Scales on plus points is Instapage, which promises to make more informed decisions of pros and and... Some nerdy elbow grease outlet site from Facebook, chances are you ’ ll get the flexibility... In greater numbers even be able to accomplish with just a few minutes Text intrigued. Speed averages are 1 second ) recommending it as a landing page builder review features... Feature matches the copy on your pages in-depth Unbounce reviews you may have come across interact with our Venture! Here are the pros and cons to make personalisation fast and easy to unbounce pros and cons an B... Discuss in a bit, ranging from basic to advanced, are as follows: take a look the.
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