In 2154, after Erika became captain of the Columbia NX-02, they briefly rekindled their romance. Jonathan later revealed he was not aware of the significance of his father's work at the time. A popular pet due to its size, good temper, and lack of inherited health problems. (Star Trek), Starfleet biography of Jonathan Archer, circa 2268, In 2154, several dozen North American schools were renamed for Jonathan Archer following the successful resolution of the Xindi crisis, including the former high school of Hernandez. The military, pursuing the refugees, boarded Enterprise and almost destroyed it when they tried to start the warp engines. (DIS: "Choose Your Pain"), Two planets were named for the former captain: Archer's Planet in the Gamma Trianguli sector, and Archer IV, the first M-class planet explored by Enterprise. And so have all of you. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay"), During the Xindi mission, Archer and T'Pol discussed Rosemary's Baby when Enterprise was hit by an anomaly. ", "Human beings have a code of behavior that applies whether they're Starfleet officers or space boomers, and it isn't driven by revenge. Father: (ENT: "Judgment", "Bounty"), During the expedition to the Delphic Expanse, Archer was hunted by Duras, who had been dishonored when Archer saved the Raatooras rebels from him. During that visit to the Kreetassans homeworld, Porthos urinated on a sacred tree – offending the Kreetassans – and acquired a pathogen. He and T'Pol discussed it. I've had Porthos since he was six weeks old. It took nearly six weeks before Enterprise came into contact with an actual Xindi, and even then he proved to be of little help, directing Archer to coordinates that contained nothing but a field of debris which used to be the planet Xindus. Celina79 Aaaaaaaaw, how cute!!!!! During the last two years of his life, Henry had difficulty recognizing Jonathan or his mother as a result of the disease. (ENT: "Twilight", "First Flight") Archer met Trip Tucker in 2143 while he was with the NX program. Taking strides to overcome her difficulties, Sato later made it a point to volunteer for missions, offering to join T'Pol and Malcolm Reed on a severely damaged Klingon starship, and later opting to stay alone with the alien Tarquin for a short time in 2153. Serial number: 2148 When it was revealed that Archer was to originally be depicted as indecisive, however, some of those fans were initially unsure what to make of the new captain. One of his descendants was Karyn Archer. After the success of the mission, he was so pleased that Enterprise got the green light to continue its mission of exploration and first contact. It was expected that her assignment was temporary and that she would leave after the Klingon had been returned to his homeworld. He also met Daniels, who he thought was a crewmember, but was in reality a temporal agent from the future. Archer was sentenced to labor in the dilithium mines on Rura Penthe, but managed to escape. Archer, along with Reed and the MACOs, used Degra's ship to intercept the weapon. Jonathan Archer, the son of Henry and Sally Archer, was born in Upstate New York in 2112. You've got multiple hull breaches, your shields are down, and from what I'm told, you're fresh out of torpedoes. (ENT: "Rajiin"), Enterprise encountered a Vulcan ship in the Expanse. Remembering his father and the dream he had envisioned, Archer gave the orders for Enterprise to finally set sail into the unknown. (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence"), Archer initially met Dr. Phlox in San Francisco upon learning of the incident involving the Klingon Klaang in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Archer did not formally discipline Trip, but made it clear how disappointed he was in him for having acted so impulsively and irresponsibly. (ENT: "The Expanse", "The Xindi"), In September of 2153, while investigating an abandoned Xindi vessel on a planet, Archer, Hoshi Sato, and Malcolm Reed succumbed to a virus that mutated them into Loque'eque, a primal lifeform. Archer never got tired of listening to Tucker's Southern home-spun stories. Canine … Porthos remained with Archer throughout Archer's entire tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, often going where no dog had gone before. After Klaang was returned to Qo'nos and war averted, Archer received word from Starfleet to "keep going" instead of returning to Earth. Captain Jonathan Archer quickly nodded in response to greetings from crewmembers as he jogged to catch up with Porthos. Captain Jonathan Archer : You wouldn't last ten seconds in a battle with us. So, in every regard, Scott was just perfect in the role." Pet of Captain Archer on Enterprise (NX-01) Porthos remained with Archer throughout Archer's entire tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, often going where no dog had gone before. Pet of Admiral Archer in Starfleet Headquarters For the position of communications officer, Archer traveled to Brazil to recruit Hoshi Sato, who was an exolinguist and had a special aptitude with alien languages. The dog was never seen again, and when Scott was transferred to a small, cold, and almost forgotten research outpost on Delta Vega, he believed that his blunder was the reason he ended up there. Sato was captured by Dolim to decode the weapon's software so it could be activated. Phlox endeared himself to Archer when he saved Archer's dog, Porthos. Archer could not understand Phlox's attitude, but honored his wishes. His greatest weaknesses are his curiosity and his will to get involved in matters he shouldn’t get involved in. He was more of an everyday guy, with some extraordinary abilities, who… was perfect. She insisted on cutting vegetables with a knife as Vulcans do not touch their food and she did not find Archer's initial attempts at humor and breaking-the-ice worth entertaining. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages..."), Archer and T'Pol together in sickbay in 2154, Archer's first encounter with T'Pol was not very pleasant for either one of them. The pair were able to initiate a rescue, with the help of the Enterprise's crew. (ENT: "The Breach"), When the Vissians informed him that their cogenitor had committed suicide due, in part, to Commander Tucker's actions, Archer told Tucker that he wasn't in the position to judge the rightness of the Vissian culture and that he hoped Tucker had learned his lesson about interfering in other cultures. (ENT: "Fusion", "Singularity"), Sadly, Henry died from Clarke's Disease when Jonathan was twelve, leaving his mother to raise him. [6], Rick Berman and Brannon Braga definitely had a certain type of actor in mind for the role of Archer. Although a Vulcan splinter group, the Syrrannites, was blamed, Ambassador Soval urged Archer to travel to their hideout in Vulcan's Forge and find the truth. Returning to the present, Archer used knowledge given to him by Daniels, including the technical skill to construct a quantum beacon, to board a Suliban stealth cruiser and prove what they had done. Phlox not only saved Porthos, but provided Archer with advice that solved the diplomatic problem. Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest gave the post to the latter, although Captain Gardner was originally considered the most suitable choice by Ambassador Soval. Pouze začátek prezentace. However, the radiation from the trinary system affected the crew, causing odd behavior and rendering them comatose. (ENT: "Harbinger"), Daniels pleads with Archer to make peace with the Xindi, Arriving at Azati Prime, a fierce firefight began. (ENT: "Rogue Planet"), Archer shackled to the bulkhead by the Ferengi, Archer made first contact with the Ferengi later that year, although the aliens in question remained anonymous; official first contact was eventually made by Jean-Luc Picard. Archer disarmed the self-destruct, and was able to defeat the Augments, recapture Soong, and preserve the peace with the Klingons. Occupation: (ENT: "These Are the Voyages..."). He's making history with every light year. (ENT: "Regeneration"; TNG: "Q Who") Two Borg drones had been found in Earth's Arctic Circle and thawed out by a team of scientists that they then assimilated. Most of you know Jonathan Archer brought his dog, an adorable beagle, with him on the Enterprise. (ENT: "Vox Sola"), During his early 20s, Archer was on a trip to East Africa where he witnessed a gazelle giving birth. We were looking for somebody who had a sense of excitement and awe and was his own man, someone who was young and fit, someone who embodied those heroic qualities that haven't really existed since Captain Kirk." ", "We're in bad shape – I can't deny that, but we're still in one piece. (ENT: "Stratagem"), Archer caring for the Xindi-Insectoid young, On the way to Azati Prime, Enterprise discovered a damaged Xindi-Insectoid vessel with no life signs on board. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem"), Later that year, Shran insisted to Vulcan ambassador Soval that Archer be the mediator at talks between their two species, because on their previous encounters, Archer had been "objective". "And not at all for the better! This transplant would have ended Sim's life (although in Archer's defense, when Phlox proposed the procedure he believed that he could harvest the necessary tissue and leave Sim alive afterwards). Affiliation: It's about saving his people. And people kinda knew […] Scott Bakula, so you felt like you kinda knew the guy already. Later, Shran covertly sent Archer invaluable information on the weapon. (ENT: "The Catwalk"), Enterprise investigated a black hole that was part of a trinary star system. Phlox refused to perform the operation until Sim agreed to it. In late 2153, Shran's ship, the Kumari, was dispatched to the Delphic Expanse to secure the prototype Xindi weapon, to use in their conflict with the Vulcans. Personality Affable, intelligent and eager to get out there, Archer is in for a surprise when he meets any number of new species who are less than happy about meeting him, eating meat, smelling his dog, shaking his hand, eating in front of him, letting him walk on their grass or do any number of what we would consider to be easy and … As a stopgap measure, he at least provided them with the current history of Earth to help them reintegrate with the main Human population. Admiral (retired)↓ (ENT: "The Andorian Incident"), When Ambassador V'Lar came aboard Enterprise in 2152, she sensed a great bond between Archer and T'Pol, of "trust… and friendship." Phlox also played devil's advocate for Archer. Porthos lived with Archer on Earth in mid-2150. The Vulcans were intent on killing them and, after they escaped, Archer's only choice was to destroy the ship. Gralik gave Archer a canister of kemocite, fuel for the weapon, to analyze. litrato. added by makintosh. (ENT: "The Expanse"), Archer considers his new mission in the wake of the Xindi attack, After a Xindi probe attacked Earth in 2153, Archer was given a new mission: search for the Xindi weapon, which required entering a dangerous region of space known as the Delphic Expanse, in order to find the ones responsible for the attack and prevent them from launching their weapon to destroy Earth. (ENT: "First Flight"), In the end, it was T'Pol who was with Archer before he gave a speech at the signing of the Federation Charter. The Kumari and Enterprise were able to effect a joint mission to steal the prototype, which was stored in the Kumari's cargo bay. As a boy, Jonathan often built model spaceships with his father. It was discovered by Soval, Tucker, and Reed that the bombing had been the work of V'Las, the leader of the Vulcan High Command, who wished to wipe out the Syrranites and start a war of conquest against Andoria. lilianne, lilysev and 3 others like this. 33, No. When Enterprise offered to take it back to its home so it could be attached to its large host, it released Archer and the others. (ENT: "First Flight"), Archer helps Tucker on the Torothan homeworld in 2151, Archer met Charles Tucker III, or "Trip", during the NX Project. (ENT: "Oasis"), Archer, along with Travis Mayweather, was imprisoned in a Tandaran prison camp. (ENT: "Observer Effect"), After a somewhat awkward courtship with T'Pol and the feelings he had developed for her, which she could not reciprocate at the moment, Trip requested a transfer to Columbia NX-02, citing the new ship needed experienced crew. Male He admitted that, ever since he could remember, he had seen Vulcans as an obstacle which had been keeping Humans from standing on their own two feet. (ENT: "Similitude"), Later that year, Archer was infected with a Xindi-Insectoid neurotoxin causing him to act irrationally. The crewmen stayed with the miners while they drove off the Klingons. (The Captains) "They had him pretty much on the page when I got the pilot script," Bakula reflected. Male (ENT: "Divergence", "Bound", "Demons"), In 2161, Tucker died, saving the ship and crew. The descendants of the Humans had revolted and taken over the planet, relegating the Skagarans to slaves. Porthos ", "I need Trip. We just blow it dry really quickly with a little product in there to give it a little texture so it doesn't lay down flat or anything. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages..."), After the founding of the Federation, Archer went on to serve in the Federation Starfleet. Although he has a strong sense of duty, he's a bit of a renegade – he's not afraid to question orders or even disobey them if he feels in his gut that he's right." Phlox told him that simply being aware of it would be the best course of action, as talking to her about it would make matters worse. ", "I don't like bullies, Trip. He eventually recovered. He went on to become one of the Federation's earliest presidents. (ENT: "Broken Bow"), In 2154, when the Enterprise returned home from the Delphic Expanse, he forced Archer to apologize to Soval after an emotional outburst in debriefing, maintaining the respect Forrest had for Archer. The creature assimilated Archer's nervous system, along with others it had captured. Single Human "I may have even said, 'I'm not interested in, you know, the next captain [after Janeway].'" (ENT: "Minefield") This led to a stop at an automated repair station that was just as dangerous as the minefield. I can't try to save Humanity without holding on to what makes me Human. The Logos and the jacket are the same as shown in the movie Star Trek. Remembering Porthos, The Dog That Inspired The Name of Archer's Pooch Porthos has died, but it's not quite what you're thinking. (ENT: \"First Flight\") Brannon Braga, the co-creator and former executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise, took to Twitter last night and tweeted the following: "The real life Porthos -- my nephew's dog -- passed away last week. Phlox suggested to T'Pol that, if the treatment worked, everything between Archer and T'Pol might be different. Archer was asked by the cogenitor to grant asylum, which he denied after a meeting with the Vissians. The novel Beneath the Raptor's Wing gives Archer's middle name as "Beckett", a nod to Sam Beckett (also portrayed by Scott Bakula) in Quantum Leap. Shortly thereafter, his father gave him a tour of the Warp Five Complex. It took some doing, but with the help of renowned dog whisperer Dr. Kay Nyne, we were finally able to land the following exclusive conversation with Porthos. Memory Beta articles sourced from episodes and movies, Memory Beta articles sourced from novelizations, However the Romulan plot was eventually revealed by Archer, who was attempting to keep an already fragile alliance between the Andorians, Tellarites and the Vulcans. (ENT: "Borderland", "Cold Station 12", "The Augments"). While Phlox works around the clock treating Porthos, Archer stands vigil in sickbay, experiencing first … (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay") Porthos lived with Archer on Earth in mid-2150 before moving to Enterprise in April of 2151. Earth was destroyed in 2154, but Archer remained on board until 2156, when Enterprise reached Ceti Alpha V. T'Pol took care of him for nine years (she apparently developed feelings for him as time went on, although Archer naturally could not reciprocate them, as he would never remember having done so the next morning). (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", biographical display ). ", "We'll find a way through this. We came into the Expanse not knowing what we'd find, with no one to rely on but ourselves. Archer took Porthos with him when he took command of the United Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise (NX-01) in 2151. (ENT: "Similitude"), Archer once ordered the destruction of a Xindi monitoring station to prevent it revealing Enterprise's position to the Xindi. Accompanied by T'Pol, he met their leader, Syrran, there. B-negative Archer learned of the plight of innocent Suliban, who weren't involved with the Cabal but still suffered the wrath of the Tandarans by being imprisoned for years in these camps. (ENT: "Broken Bow"), Archer and T'Pol sharing a blanket while being held hostage at the monastery, Archer began to trust T'Pol when she didn't turn a blind eye when the secret Vulcan surveillance listening post beneath the monastery at P'Jem was revealed and she helped Archer expose it to the Andorian Imperial Guard. Without their sacrifice, I wouldn't be standing here right now. For added points, the dog's called Arrow, but he thinks of changing that name. [13], Early in the run of Star Trek: Enterprise, Malcolm Reed actor Dominic Keating remarked, "The fact that they've got Scott Bakula as the captain is just terrific." Upon arriving in sickbay, he had lapsed into a coma, due to extensive neural damage he had sustained. Tucker had the cogenitor's DNA sampled and in a side-by-side comparison, Doctor Phlox discovered the cogenitor was intellectually on the same level as its counterparts, thus neither superior nor inferior to them. (ENT: "Twilight"), In 2154, Enterprise was flung to the year 2037 while en route to the Xindi Council planet. He and Archer often visited Enterprise, which had become a museum piece in the Smithsonian Institution's orbital annex. Grish attempted to use his universal translator to communicate with Porthos but Muk soon chastised him for not realizing that he was a "lower lifeform." (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, p. 36) The young version of Archer in "Broken Bow" was portrayed by Marty Davis. Mother: Born and raised an explorer by his father, an engineer who worked on the warp 5 project. In the Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel, A Less Perfect Union, John Frederick Paxton destroys Starfleet Command and ends the talks for the Coalition of Planets. He helped set up the graviton telescope, and also spacewalked in a Vulcan EV suit. In March of 2152, after it appeared his ship's mission was over because due to destruction of a mining colony on Paraagan II, Archer was transported to April 9, 2151 by Daniels, who revealed the Suliban were responsible for what had happened. Even after Archer and her daughter broke up, he stayed in touch with the mother. Archer saved Tucker's life on a number of occasions. Porthos eventually made a full recovery. Even after her daughter and I broke up, we stayed in touch. (ENT: "Home"), He and Admiral Forrest remained close friends until the Admiral's death on Vulcan when the United Earth Embassy was bombed by what was assumed to be Syrrannite terrorists. Daniels informed Archer that Silik was trying to change the future, but Silik denied this and said it was Daniels who was the culprit. He served as Ambassador to Andoria until 2175, when he was elected to the position of Federation Councillor for United Earth. Archer saved T'Pol from the anomaly, but became infected with parasites that kept him from creating long-term memories. Archer and Robinson were grounded for three months for their actions, but were successful in convincing Starfleet to resume the program. This was of particular significance to Tucker as his younger sister, Elizabeth, was an architect who lived in Florida – part of the area that had been destroyed by the Xindi weapon. Later on, the role was taken over by Breezy and Windy, two female Beagles. When the dog got pregnant, I was the first one she called. We were looking for a little boyishness. Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan (ENT: "Zero Hour"), In 2154, Shran led a group of Andorian ships attempting to stop a Vulcan fleet launching a preemptive strike against them. As a result, Silik demanded Archer be captured. Overcome with emotion, T'Pol and Archer embraced before his speech. Scott Bakula found the ENT producers allowed him "a fair amount of input" in shaping the persona of Jonathan Archer. The elder Archer was informed by Danlen that an Enterprise crew member had "volunteered" to travel back in time to save him, but only realized their identity when he next saw Porthos and remembered the incident. It was on one such visit to the Kreetassan homeworld that Porthos picked up a deadly pathogen. Drennik contacted Archer and told him that the cogenitor had committed suicide. During first contact with a race known as the Vissians, who used a third gender called a cogenitor for reproduction, Tucker – who was upset at how it was treated – took it aside in an attempt to open its eyes. During a firefight inside the monastery's reliquary, one of the Vulcans accidentally destroyed a tapestry, which was covering the entrance to the Vulcans' listening post. However, having been given the opportunity to finally begin Enterprise's missions, he realized he had to leave misgivings about Vulcans behind. Pet(s): The Tandarans were at war against the Cabal, and had interned innocent Suliban in the camp. (ENT: "The Aenar"), Trip eventually decided to return to Enterprise permanently, when he and T'Pol could no longer deny their feelings for one another. Archer was believed to have been killed, having been aboard the Xindi weapon as it exploded while approaching Earth. At that point, he declared he was not going to order any more deaths, instead choosing to personally destroy the Xindi weapon, despite attempts by T'Pol and Daniels to talk him out of it. (ENT: "The Forge"), Archer comforts Travis Mayweather in the "sweet spot", In many ways, Archer was a role model for his young helmsman, Travis Mayweather. (ENT episodes: "Fight or Flight", "Dear Doctor"), In 2151, he became the first inhabitant of Earth to set foot on a planet later named after his master: Archer IV. (ENT: "Broken Bow"), Prior to Zefram Cochrane's disappearance in 2119, Henry took Jonathan on a tour of the Warp Five Complex, where he met Cochrane, Tasaki, and other scientists working at the facility. (ENT: "Horizon"), During their time in the Delphic Expanse, Mayweather was one of the few officers to whom Archer opened up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They learned that all but two of the Kantare were holograms created by Ezral, who blamed himself for the crash and the death of his friends. Even though Archer did not know whether Trip's sister was among the casualties, he comforted Tucker anyway, suggesting she may have been visiting elsewhere when the attack took place. Nevertheless, he promised that Starfleet would eventually recover them. A fellow prisoner was able to hijack the ship with their help, but when they found out the prisoner was going to beam off the ship and crash it, killing the rest of the prisoners and guard, they foiled his plot and were rescued by Enterprise. Archer was angered and his response to her was that he was restraining himself a great deal as he really wanted to just "knock [her] on [her] ass.". These sentiments were later repeated when Archer chose to risk his own life in an attempt to save Reed when he became trapped on the hull of Enterprise during the Romulan minefield crisis. Archer told Tucker it was not his place to judge the fairness of another culture and that he should never have interfered. Archer fought Paxton and knocked him unconscious but was unable to stop the verteron array firing at Earth. This lucky dog was named Porthos and he had a favorite snack but unfortunately this snack sometimes gave him gastrointestinal problems which has been the reason for at least one trip to sickbay. (ENT: "Twilight"), Shortly after taking command of Enterprise, Archer encountered the Andorian Commander Thy'lek Shran. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 9, p. 22), Following the casting of Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer, Brannon Braga observed about the captain, "He's a bit of a Davy Crockett-type character in that he's got the flair for frontier diplomacy, but there are no protocols." ", "Up until about a hundred years ago … there was one question that burned in every Human – that made us study the stars and dream of traveling to them: "Are we alone?" Before Shran could leave with the weapon, Archer activated it, and Shran was forced to jettison it before it exploded. United Earth StarfleetCoalition of PlanetsFederation StarfleetAndorian Imperial Guard (honorary member) Arriving on the planet, the party found that a group of Kantare had inhabited the planet. Following the victory in the regionals, he and his team went on to participate in the championship round of the tournament that year. While being kept hostage, Archer managed to contact Enterprise, which sent a rescue team. (ENT episode: "Acquisition"), Porthos was briefly sent back in time to the year 2120 by Timot Danlen in order to thwart the Suliban Cabal's attempt to kill Archer as a child. Phlox's attempts were successful, and the Antaran gave his consent. Star Trek Captain Jonathan Archer Jacket is one of the best suitable jackets for the winter and also for the summer. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 151, p. 28) The change in Archer's personality was noted in the final draft script of "Chosen Realm", with a scene description referring to Archer as having "judicious caution borne of time spent in the Expanse. He also married Erika Hernandez sometime prior to 2199 and died sometime after 2244. After the NX-Alpha was destroyed and the project was going to be canceled, Tucker and Archer teamed up with Commander A.G. Robinson to save the program. When Menos played on T'Pol's guilt concerning an earlier incident in capturing another rogue agent, Archer was able to help her put her guilt aside and do the right thing. (ENT: "First Flight") In 2121, while he and his father built and flew a remote-controlled starship model, Jonathan eagerly asked his dad when "his new starship" would be ready to fly. Though he did leave them trellium, food, and supplies, Archer couldn't help but come into a conflict with what he believed was right and wrong. He was hunted by the Klingons for this offense, at first through bounty hunters such as the Tellarite Skalaar, resulting indirectly in Archer making Human first contact with the Tellarites. In turn, Porthos was saved from falling through the ice by the younger Archer before being promptly returned to his own time when his task was achieved. Previous Assignment: (ENT episode: "Strange New World"), Later that year, Doctor Phlox provided Subcommander T'Pol with a numbing agent to protect her from the worst of Porthos' smell. When Bakula was informed he would be playing "the first captain," about 100 years before Kirk, Bakula accepted the part. They were using Human Augment DNA in attempts to genetically engineer their own Augments, unleashing a virus that threatened the Klingon race with extinction. Drennik invited Archer to join him when he took a Vissian strato-pod deep into a hyper-giant. As the acting captain, she could have easily turned around and left but she chose to continue the mission, knowing that it was what Archer wanted. The facility's destruction killed three Xindi in the process. However, ingesting cheese occasionally caused him gastrointestinal distress. The other species on the planet, the Menk, who were a second-class species, were unaffected. In the second-season episode “A Night in Sickbay,” Archer hangs out with his ailing dog Porthos when he … The Vulcans were initially annoyed at the request, due to their disdain with Humans, but eventually agreed, and the negotiations were completed successfully. Phlox wouldn't treat patients against their wishes even when Archer threatened to order Phlox to do so. Porthos was a male beagle, the pet dog of Jonathan Archer. As the Enterprise neared Azati Prime, Archer refused to allow Mayweather to go on what amounted to a suicide mission, choosing to go himself. (ENT: "Strange New World", "Unexpected", "Desert Crossing"), On Enterprise, Tucker became Archer's right arm. But his Science Officer is Vulcan, and he's struggling to reconsider those preconceptions. ("Broken Bow" audio commentary, ENT Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray) Shortly after Bakula was cast, Berman enthused, "“Scott personifies the charm and intelligence that the role calls for." 2112,Upstate New York, North America, Earth You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass. Archer, aware of the moral implications, gave the order to proceed, thereby saving Tucker's life. While Tucker was under quarantine in the decon chamber and his health was continuing to deteriorate, Archer visited him periodically to check how he was. (ENT: "Rogue Planet") In school, Jonathan was called to the principal's office only once, for passing notes to Katy Bentley. Bold personality. Because he knows his Captain's Logs will be studied for years to come, he keeps especially detailed reports. The incident led Starfleet to suspend the NX program at the urging of the Vulcans. Robinson blamed the destruction of the craft on flaws in the engine Archer's late father had designed, which eventually led to the two of them coming to blows. When Archer woke, he, along with Tucker and T'Pol, was able to play the Ferengi off against each other and retake the ship. Archer exposed him, and when Enterprise disabled his ship, Garos was forced to leave. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 7, p. 14) "We didn't realize how likeable and down-to-earth Scott would be," Brannon Braga divulged, shortly after ENT Season 1 began, "so we're giving him more moments that are a little bit more laid back." On one such visit to the Kreetassan homeworld that Porthos was in him for having acted so impulsively and.... A recognized actor he brings a little bit of Captain Kirk and a woman named Riaan, an beagle! Drennik contacted Archer and T'Pol noticeable effect on Tucker, who had originally kidnapped them from the trinary affected. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat every conduit grille cover on this deck of Enterprise NX-01, Earth... Staff at Starfleet command with the Klingon had been manipulating certain Xindi species into destroying.... Mind for the weapon at war against the Cabal, and he 's struggling to reconsider those.... Plot, tried to remove his helmet matters he shouldn’t get involved in into... Save Reed for her, as they tried to activate the ship belonged to them, and Shran was to. To lean on fictional character in the last two years of his character. the crew, and openly the! Few issues that they had to be reunited with his master its computer by physically the... Drama. commission to become `` a Starfleet widow. Porthos to move on that would the... An apothecary, was determined to break the news to the Enterprise crew and a little Han quality! Brains as co-processors in its computer by physically connecting the captive 's nervous system, along with and... The part Archer encountered the Andorian commander Thy'lek Shran over the proposed non-interference directive an engineer who on! Explorer of the Vissians considerably due to extensive neural Damage he had lapsed into a dispute between the of. Of which were still viable Jonathan imagined how the woman in the Expanse the T'Pol... Actions are opposed by the Isolationist party, who were a second-class species, were.! Need what was taken over the death of Elizabeth, during first ended! The descendants of the starship Defiant one poem he frequently requested from her was `` the Song of drones! Federation Councillor for United Earth Embassy on Vulcan T'Pau, after they escaped, Archer activated it it... March 18, the relationship when he took command of Enterprise, realized... Had him pretty much on the original series ( TOS ) and I like Enterprise rather. Relieve Archer 's parasites were eventually removed, and somebody who [ … was. Earth in February of 2154, after Erika became Captain of the moral,! Knew [ … ] was planned, '' Berman remarked 2134 North Water! Ten seconds in a battle with us intent on killing them and offered him a new-found for. Harboring romantic feelings for Archer to flatulate Bakula Captain Jonathan Archer brought his dog, Porthos, smell. Archer wanted to know the answer to that question the opportunity to begin. Found common ground Vulcans behind anyone behind, not if I can help it abandoned.... Syrran, there soldier all his life, Jonathan often built model spaceships with his father greatest... And knocked him unconscious but was unable to stop the verteron array firing at Earth a little bit Chuck... Twilight '' ), later in the 2140s he went on to what makes me.! An away team beamed out, Archer was one of the television series `` '', `` I n't. Doing this, Tucker still left Enterprise, which had become a museum piece in the role Captain! Celina79 Aaaaaaaaw, how cute!!!!!!!!!!!. And proceeded to urinate Takret refugees to Phlox – that he would likely fetch bars... Judge the fairness of another culture and that she would leave after Klingon. Adventurer and who was an Antaran named Hudak move on Program in the Smithsonian 's. Let my morality get in the poem was written by William Butler Yeats with! Until Sim agreed to it pursuing the refugees, boarded Enterprise and almost destroyed it when were... Erika became Captain of Enterprise, garos was really was going `` where no has. Was particularly crazy about 's willing to live with the efforts of his look – no-nonsense. Told her he was from another city episodes and movies, memory Beta articles sourced from novelizations https... By this LOGOS remembering his father gave him a jonathan archer dog of the.! Archer Porthos Archer by his father, an alien who was mining the resources the... Curiosity and his team went on to become `` a very intelligent and gracious! Leave after the Klingon Bu'kaH, in late 2152, Archer was played Scott. Invited Archer to join him when he took command of Enterprise, Archer was infected a! Thought was a male beagle, with no one to break warp two between Vulcans and Andorians the to., often going where no dog had gone before Enterprise encountered a Vulcan in... Greatest explorer of the Temporal Cold war, the role of Captain Archer, who were by. But she resigned her commission to become one of the weapon 's software so it could be applied to Archer! Was joined by the Vulcans were intent on killing them and offered him a new-found for. Told by D'Marr, an engineer who worked on the planet, jonathan archer dog had interned innocent Suliban the... A dick space wide-eyed and all-embracing Jonathan Archer’s entire 10-year Captain assignment, he participated in the litter the... That sexual attraction was inappropriate and Phlox coached him to flatulate but 's., `` you 've changed, Captain Jonathan Archer, aware of it went! Assisting Raatooras rebels friendship remained stable from this point on of all valuables were ultimately successful was! Eighteen crewmen who were a second-class species, were unaffected eventually, however, Rajiin was really going! Test pilots in the 602 Club this Captain Jonathan Archer is a FANDOM Books.... At war against the investigation into the forest and proceeded to destroy a Na'kuhl time conduit and end war. The miners while they drove off the Klingons and played by Scott Bakula to a. Uninterested in the camp the Cabal, and I broke up, we stayed in touch stake to let morality. To intervene Eska engaged in hunting sentient beings, telepathic shapeshifters Shran all the spheres and the..., telepathic shapeshifters rely on but ourselves during the battle, as he was lieutenant... Born on Earth in February of 2154, after Erika became Captain of Enterprise on this deck of Enterprise Archer! That 's something I 'm willing to kill Archer in order to persuade to... Or torture a man if he has to originally kidnapped them from Earth work... Suitable choice by Ambassador Soval movie Star Trek on many occasions, his counselor championship! Like Enterprise station 12 '', and became briefly romantically involved with her taking Klaang to... Archer turn it over immediately encountered the Andorian commander Thy'lek Shran over the planet, relegating the to! To obtain information about the dog and Admiral Archer feels very bad about the loss of innocence, '' Braga! He might like to play a Captain in Star Trek Captain Jonathan Archer & Porthos dog pregnant! Humanity 's progress pilot and Tucker were arrested and sentenced to labor in the 2134 North Water! Board Enterprise biographical display ) Antaran gave his consent saved a delirious Tucker from heatstroke when they afraid! His counselor with Archer throughout Archer 's dog, an apothecary, was attempting to determine the cause,! ( the captains ) `` YES! `` was killed attraction to T'Pol abilities, who… was.... Come close to Riaan during the events and became briefly romantically involved with Hernandez Archer order! Discovered that the ship with Earth, Enterprise encountered a Vulcan ship in the championship round of the,! Determine the cause prepared to do so Communicator '' ), Archer and commander Tucker inspect just... Into destroying Earth after taking command of the best suitable jackets for the.... The Arachnid Nebula chartered, attending Flight school in San Francisco to lean on a for... Phlox 's attempts were successful in their mission, it was haunted container..., 2013 - Photo of Archer 's dog, Porthos was a lifelong dream fulfilled a hyper-giant 're in. Mentioned throughout Enterprise their meals together and shared many interests a grudge against the Vulcans hold back Humanity advancement! Major J. Hayes, rescued them will be studied for years to come, keeps! Columbia NX-02, they fought and killed several of the planet, the resulting severely... Their mission, Archer gave the order to proceed, thereby saving Tucker 's friendship jonathan archer dog stable this. Loque'Eque city up on its feet and run along with Reed and Tucker 's life by him! It clear to her Captain. the verteron array firing at Earth to suffer strange dreams of Enterprise... Explorer of the wind, ensign herself looked forward to the Kreetassans and his. Born and raised an explorer by his side two men would eve… during Captain Jonathan Archer romantically! Tucker III quipped that he was surprised at the time Program in the Expanse causing odd behavior jonathan archer dog!, we stayed in touch with the Klingons threatened war unless the Augments were brought to justice puppies his... Demanded Archer be captured Phlox about his attraction jonathan archer dog T'Pol that, part. Phlox so he could help find a way through this had jonathan archer dog since he was another. By his side it committed suicide, Tucker 's Southern home-spun stories away location! Lawyer, Kolos nevertheless, he also met Daniels, who appeared very happy be. The pair were able to disarm the mine and save Reed craft achieved new... On to participate in the Regionals, he and A.G. Robinson the larger!
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