Is your municipality gathering citizen feedback in a creative way? The front of the post card was a graphic that had the company logo and a short marketing message on it. Everyone loves Emojis and they can really express the way people feel. Exploring the negative side of your idea or product can be an incredibly valuable exercise. Surveys usually take just a few minutes and aren’t time consuming. Having a pre-existing connection will make it easier to build a relationship and provide you several ways to get additional feedback (at events, in online groups, etc.). This method is quick and easy, but there are some downfalls. Email us at [email protected], and your suggestion may end up in a future iteration of this article. Facebook Free Ad Credits ($125):, LinkedIn Free Ad Credits:, Twitter Free Ad Credits:, Adwords (Google) Free Ad Credits: Post on your message board (both digitally and physically) and include a link to your survey for people willing to provide more feedback. Wireframes remove all of the distractions and focus on the product or idea. All you need is your idea. A more creative and inspired way to collect feedback! Sending the right email at the right time is as important as asking the right question at the right place and time. Open up those lines of communication by asking questions instead of jumping straight to critique. Don’t have the time to build a full website. And when it comes to writing good briefs, only 27% of agencies report that their clients’ briefs are well done. 32. Who would your product or idea be competing with? But giving great feedback on creative work is really hard to do. What do you do with all of this feedback? Or do they always quickly agree with anything you say and tell you everything is “good” when you ask? Only 36% of agencies report satisfaction with the approval process. Facebook will only show you publicly accessible profiles, but this should be good enough to start building a list to get feedback from. The product connects wireframes together in a way with transitions and animations that will provide you with a “product” that can be demoed, tested with potential customers, and more. All these sorts of questions are common, but what if there was another way? You’ll still get many of the same benefits as Craigslist and Amazon with feedback and questions from customers. There are many ways to communicate and receive feedback, but making it effective is an important and tricky art to master. Make sure you replace the speech bubbles each time you use the method so that you are not doubling up on your data. See what is spiking in search volume lately. Get 5 reasons why your idea or product is bad or would fail. What do you do 10x better than them? If reviews are too far and few, employees might feel like their input isn’t valued, or may not bring up months old issues. Once you have noticed an employee's behavior or performance that needs your feedback, it is natural to feel the urge to address it right there and then or even in public. What are you waiting for? 45 Critical Questions for a Successful Event Debrief. Start your own! Launch a website that only has a pricing chart, Here are a few tips if you want to test out different tiers of service for your product: Bring up a subject you’d like the employee’s thoughts on, but don’t start with “you.” This puts people on alert, even when you’re noting something positive. Thanks to them you can easily gather information and feedback from your customers, which may be crucial to your product development. Write down the feedback you’ve gotten that supports your hypothesis. Check out Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or Vistaprint for a free website (or website trial) that you can build in a few hours. Your client feedback process can be as simple as an email message with questions sent to your clients, or a personal phone call. On the left side of the post card was one very easy to answer question and space for 3 points ‘What 3 Things Did You Learn Today?’. 29. 3. A few more quick differences are listed here: Next, write a new hypothesis given what you’ve learned so far. Here’s everything you need to know: 10 Tips for Starting a FB Group. Once you’ve built up some credibility in the group, ask for their feedback on what you’re working on. Obtaining feedback from project management tools and design collaboration tools are particularly useful for creative organizations such as marketing firms and advertising agencies. Giving good creative feedback goes beyond calling out all the things that you don’t like, or that need to be changed. Here are a few tips on how to master Instagram:, 28. Create a surveywith questions about personal excitement, quality standards and learning and development. The best way to get candid feedback from your team is to create a culture of open and honest communication. Crunchbase is a great way to find companies operating in your targeted industry or with similar products. People who like “your thing/industry” on Facebook. Using creative ways to get real-time feedback that is based on affective reasoning tells a real-time story about your event. Indiegogo will also let you keep the $$$ you raise even if you don’t reach your goal. Many cities, large and small, have existing mentor networks. There are no professors or bosses to give you assignments or benchmarks. Context leads to better understanding of a problem, and hopefully, a more creative solution. I can help prepare you for interviews with any company size and industry. Take advantage of this! Find the groups most related to your idea or product, join them, and start contributing comments, likes, and feedback on other’s posts. Whilst you are in the planning stages of your event, you should already be thinking about how you are going to get feedback on the effectiveness of your event design. Start engaging these networks, they may be your future investors too! Make it a face to face conversation. In some cases, by using technology you can keep your attendees informed on their opinions in real-time too. Ideal for conferences, product launches and exhibitions, place two bins near corresponding speech bubbles. If you want your team to perform well, you have to give feedback to them regularly. Instead of listing your idea or product on every, single, social media site, pick and choose the 1–2 more where you think your audience spends most of their time. Surveys are an effective way of getting a consensus from a group of people quickly, such as your team members, particularly if you’re managing a large team. NEW Creative Ways to Solicit Feedback Equitably - engage your stakeholders in ways that make them feel comfortable and inclusive to share. Product Interview Prep with Alex Mitchell, Amazon:,,,,,,,, 10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Kickstarter Campaign,,,,, This post looks at ways in which feedback can be captured in real-time and offer event organisers an emotional reaction to the experience, rather than one based on memories. The terminals are a great way to measure customer satisfaction right after a service experience. (Pinterest, Etsy, Snapchat, Messenger, Reddit). We want to hear about it! Set expectations. Here are eight ways to get feedback that makes a real difference. Kickstarter is a fantastic way to prove that your idea or product has a customer base before it exists. Method 1 of 4: Asking for Feedback at Work 1. Pay attention to how other products are marketed. You may have been to a retail outlet, gone through airport security or been to a hotel where an electronic smiley terminal was present to measure customer satisfaction. Well, you should use Qualaroo. Creative Ways to Solicit Feedback Virtually - when you want to get feedback in an authentic way, but your travel budget is tight. Start by looking for people who live in your city. You could also use interactive screens that are placed around your venue. Ask your caterer to create small cup cakes decorated with a range of smiley faces on them denoting different moods - very happy, happy, unhappy and very unhappy - under each speech bubble. What type of press have they gotten and from whom? 13. Reflective surveys do not capture the emotions of your event and often negatives are highlighted and positives downplayed as most attendees feel that they want to offer constructive criticism, rather than how you feel at a specific moment in time. Share a link to the survey via your communication channels and collect responses in advance of the meeting. What did they do right or wrong? 31. 33. Explain why it’s a step-function better than the alternatives. If you can influence a project’s timeline, build in a feedback session with the boss after key events.Make an appointment. Creating polls and surveys is one of the easiest ways to receive customer feedback. You can also create polls on Twitter and use the Facebook emoticons (Like, Love, Wow) for people to feedback their answer or preference. Put up In-Store Displays, Signage, and Kiosks . Take notes. ProductHunt is a very valuable place to post your idea, book, product, or tool and get massive amounts of actionable feedback from people who regularly turn ideas into reality. 11. 18. Will it be constructive criticism? Another way to collect attendee badges so they get thrown into the appropriate recycling bin is to have ‘comment bins’ at the exit to your event. For event organisers, having a tool like this can help inform real-time decision making at an event to increase the immersiveness of an experience. Has it been just been too hard to step outside your comfort zone? Marketing is Brand building, not Advertising. Now what? Watch for mentions of your brand on social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and reply to users who have made purchases. Or, how can my survey gauge the emotional response to my event? One way to get some time with them is to schedule a brief update to them on your project. Chelsey*, a network engineer at a telecom company in Dallas, wasn’t getting much feedback from her superiors, and when she did, it was usually generic and vague. The advantage of real-time feedback is that it can often capture the ‘buzz’ moments at your event, indicating the extent of the success of the experience you have designed. Make sure there is something in it for them! Ditch the suggestion box. It's not a good idea to ask lots of questions, which could also distract attendees for far too long, so choose your moments. Here are some of the best and easiest ways that you can collect feedback from your customers day in and out (in no particular order): #1. UserTesting and their free, 5 minute review site Peek offer an incredibly fast and affordable way to get feedback on a website, a product, or an idea from a targeted audience. According to an ANA survey, agencies and their clients are less than satisfied with how the creative process works. Thinking outside of the box using creative ways to plan and design events is what we do as event professionals. This is a general summation of the event but gives you - the event planner - a very good idea of exactly how people felt about the experience. Particular questions run through your mind. 12. 7 Ways to Get the Creative Feedback You Need. Find these places and spend time there too. The polling method is becoming more and more popular at events, especially at conferences - through attendee engagement applications, such as speaker presentation apps and questionnaires embedded into event apps. READ NEXT. But make sure you have extras on hand so the count is robust. Now What? Ok, you’ve tried a few of the ideas above and you’ve (hopefully) found some success. People who live in “your city” on Facebook. Keep it short, keep the ask small, and offer them something for their time. You can feel as if you've done nothing the whole year when you're tired on the last day. However, if you can drive interest from other channels (email, website, social) directly to your Amazon page, you’ll simplify many of the challenges of selling, including fulfillment and credit card processing. Most of these sites above will offer you at least $50 free in advertising credit for new accounts. Does your idea or product sit outside or partially outside of existing FB groups? The #FeelWimbledon campaign is a case in point. Using established post-event feedback mechanisms can be problematic in terms of response rates - once people have left the event the moment has gone. Oftentimes this will be the manager immediately above you. Adaptations to our favorite Creative Ways methods. This a great feedback because it gives an idea of the value attendees attach to the content of the event. The first suggestion is rather easy. It can also be more difficult to capture feedback from attendees once they have left your event. Below are some creative ways to give feedback to your employees. As part of the application, you’ll need to go into great detail on your idea or product and how it develops over time. Offline Feedback. Does your product fit into one of Craiglist’s categories? Did Burger King Just Troll Trump With Their Ad Campaign? With the auction format, you’ll find price discovery is a lot easier! Get going, get testing, and make your Idea or Product happen this year! The positive bin signifies that those attendees could be useful advocates for your product or next event. However, you will only know if you are exceeding your customers’ expectations and needs by obtaining their feedback. December 7, 2020 Business by Igor. Leverage your alumni network (especially the one that likely already exists in your city). You’ll get much better feedback this way. Where would you sell your product? The top 10 trends defining the event industry in 2021, the Intelligence platform to run better events. 17. Ask a simple question about the event and wait for the badges to roll in. If you prefer books, I think you’d also enjoy Disrupting Yourself (How to Succeed in the New Economy) or Building Digital Products (Handbook for Product Managers). You’ll be surprised how much value you get from this simple tactic! Download Today! The methods are also a useful way to increase response rates. But if you don't have this kind of budget there are other ways - interactive ways - that you can get real-time feedback. Running a regular all-company satisfaction barometer is a great way to keep track of how employees feel. The negative bin signifies that those attendees may need a follow up email asking them for further feedback on the experience so that you can improve in the future. When you don’t let people know you’ll be asking for feedback in advance, they won’t have a chance to gather their thoughts and may resent the extra time - not the best situation for getting useful comments. Make sure to offer them some benefit/compensation for their time. Relate your idea to commonly understood concepts. Strategic Planning — 10 min read. Take advantage of them! Facebook’s Search has a very deep feature set that can help you find people in your area that meet a specific set of characteristics. You are in charge. Similar to the Cup Cake Method, create giant sized Emoji graphics that signify various emotions and place them on the walls around the exits of an event. To do this, start by showing a genuine interest in how your people are doing, what’s causing them problems, and how you can help. The easiest way to do this is to include “Feedback” in the agenda as part of your last item. For example, DC has Score which offers free mentoring on business ideas. Thanks for reading! Here’s an example of a local maker studio: Real-time feedback relies on affective reasoning - an immediate human emotional response to a given situation based on an individual's perception of reality. Hopefully all the badges will end up in the positive bin! Find companies that are succeeding or have shut down in your vertical. Promote Feedback On Your Social Media Accounts. 2. When entering a creative feedback session, get the recipient to define the kind of feedback they’re looking for from the start. Give out dot stickers and give brief instructions asking them to place their dot on the Emoji that sums up their experience at your event. The main challenge you’ll have here is ranking high enough in the search results to show up to potential customers. Pitch your idea (to yourself to start) in only 30 seconds. #1 – Focus on clear goals. Taking some of these ideas and modifying them, or even using them as inspiration, is going to achieve a better response rate as well as provide your attendees with some fond memories and photo opportunities. For example, if your colleague has already received feedback about the fonts used on a page, but needs help with colors or image treatment, than you should focus your feedback on the latter to avoid unsolicited feedback. Keep your pitch short: explain the problem and how people are solving it today, explain how your idea/product solves this problem 10x better, and describe what next steps you will take with the prize money. Will attendees remember the bad bits more clearly than the good bits? Keep it very short and simple (3–5 questions). Address the person best qualified to comment on your work. Follow up with anyone who provides a detailed response in a free response section for an interview. 34. Follow these rules to build a great listing fast: Before you post the cards back, make an analysis if all the comments via learning themes and cross reference this with your event objectives to get a qualitative idea of how successful you programming of content was. Reach out to them and ask for their advice. “I would seek feedback … And if you feel like it’s too boring, you can use SurveyAnyplaceand create engaging and fun content. To maximize the likelihood of hearing back from a customer, do these three things: Facebook has groups for pretty much every topic under the sun. Because it’s a support channel for most companies, you can use each interaction as an opportunity to gather feedback. If your idea is more craft or design oriented, you should be on Pinterest and Etsy. Find buyers of your potential competitors products (Facebook Groups, Amazon reviews, Ebay reviews). First, it will help you refine your pitch because you’ll be able to develop responses/rebuttals. Some event organisers have a lot of resources and can wheel out some fantastic technological innovations that record affective responses to an experience. See how much money they’ve raised in fundraising and from who.