Under those terms, he was happy to accept; and Kim Kimball presented him with the motorcycle. Kim once wrote a small "history" that was incorporated in an salesman's manual: "With my sister over a kitchen table, we planned to form a company and import these motorcycles and parts for the same. Montesa motorcycles were used in the John Wayne movie "Big Jake" and in "Freebie and the Bean" starring James Caan. Big Jake (1971) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With hundreds of high quality, detailed video reviews on bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and just about everybody else, it's the best place to go to learn about the latest and greatest two-wheeled creations. Baseball legend Hank Aaron, movie star Bill Shatner and many other celebrities purchased Montesa's. In 1909, near the Mexico-United States border, Martha McCandles runs a massive ranch with the help of her sons Jeff, Michael, and James. "Big Jake" is abundant with expressions of John Wayne's personal value system. Baseball legend Hank Aaron, movie star Bill Shatner and many other celebrities purchased Montesa's. Reply. he also arranged for the Montesa Cota to be featured in the movie: "On Any Sunday" Producer: Bruce Brown. They gave them lead instead!" She made phone calls, pretending to be a college student writing a thesis- to find out what would be entailed to do this in way of licences, etc. He does not refuel his motorcycle before they leave. with a full parts department. In 1963, I went East to the Laconia, New Hampshire motorcycle show, taking the 175cc Scrambler and a 175cc Impala (10hp)-of which we only imported 5. Michael is the only man in 1909 to have a streaked blond, mod hairdo, which also occasionally turns to brown, and then back to streaked blond. Trivia Kim, in partners with Dan Gurney and Joe Parkhurst, editor of Cycle World Magazine, formed the American Moto-Cross Team (AMXT) to put an "American Team" in participation in European moto-cross. A buck at 440 yards away and moving 50 degrees from the shooter in less than 2 seconds would be running at an astonishing 379 miles per hour! The "goofs" section of the imdb.com page for Big Jake discusses what the motorcycle is supposed to look like and what it actually is. In competition events such as the Mint 400-where Steve Kirk took third in the 360cc class. No glass is visible in any car. TMDb Score. This kind of motorbike also comes with a lighter build while including a tighter front fork for closer control over the front wheel at any speed. This is an unrealistic number. Set in 1909, rather than the 19th century, like most Westerns, Big Jake deals tangentially with the closing of the American West and the ''end'' of the age of cowboy heroes like those played by John Wayne throughout his career. In less than two seconds, Michael swings his rifle following the running buck to a nearly 110 degree angle and then shoots. Michael's hair looks brown after the family fight in the hotel room because his head is soaking wet. I like loud, fast things, and talking about them on the internet! You can locate this salvage yard in the vicinity of Wichita (Kansas). The guy that helps Hank bring in the trunk at the train station is later seen dancing in the saloon at Escondero, wearing the same clothes. the sad biker 2019-04-15 15:21. The sun can't be at two places at the same time in the sky. Presumably this means that the Rangers will have rifles. Service, upgrades, electrical, full builds, and much more. Richard Eastwood wrote a great many of these Newsletters and also contributed to much of the advertising and collaborated with ad agencies that were later employed. After Jake throws his son James into the mud, James pulls his revolver, it can be clearly seen that the chambers are empty. It was the final film for Sherman in a directing career of more than 3. We specialize in vintage as well as the latest Harley Davidson models. The shadow is created by a spotlight behind the camera. We carry all the major brands and we're conveniently located between Benton and Bryant on Hwy 5, opposite the intersection of Salem Road. Harold Kimball wrote a letter to Mr. Armstrong and received a phone call back from him. 5 out of 5 stars (1,945) 1,945 reviews. If you want to inquire about any used pieces, junk car value estimation, get cash for junk autos or junk cars for sale, you can get in touch with the business via phone.The Big Jakes Truck & Auto is open from Monday to Friday. Apparently this is how he got around the set. A few seconds later as they carry the box into the hotel room the rifle is slung over his right shoulder. Kim originated the slogan "Viva Montesa" He also originated the "Wheeler Dealer" slogan for Newsletters to Dealers on Montesa happenings. Dog was a Rough Collie, trained by Robert "Bob" Weatherwax, who owned and trained all of the Collies that played Lassie. Swede Savage rode at Ascot, as well as a newcomer Kenny Roberts in his junior year. What kind of motorcycle does Steve McQueen ride in 'The Great Escape'? The 1909 Indian Scout had a bicycle style frame with no suspension and narrow bicycle style tires, unlike the motorcycle in the film with telescopic forks hidden behind the rifle scabbards. Dog was extremely dark, looks almost solid black. SN95 wrote The "goofs" section of the imdb.com page for Big Jake discusses what the motorcycle is supposed to … | | Big Jake is definetely one of Duke's finest and best films and one of his most popular ( see IMDB) to the point of becoming John Wayne last big hit in the 70's. Apparently the same shot shown from two different angles. As the car rolls to a stop and the people disembark, no steam at all if visible although an obvious large hole is seen in the grill where the squib blew up earlier. Motorcycle Jack is designed to easily lift motorcycles, ATVs, yard tractors and other small recreational vehicles. Steve McQueen bought a Montesa. Then Jake says "Tina and the little boy?". In promotional events, he and his Montesa were featured in the first two or three minutes of the Smothers Bros. Television show; rode into town, down hallways and up to the microphone and stopped onstage with Dickie Smothers. When Big Jake challenges Michael to shoot a mountain buck, he says it is a quarter mile away. During the fracas at the McCandles ranch, Fain (Richard Boone) shoots four men with his six-shooter, yet when he points his pistol at Mrs. McCandles inside the house, there are at least 3 unspent bullets visible in the cylinder. In the beginning the Texas Rangers talk about how they'll be able to ambush the kidnappers and shoot them from 200 yards without them knowing where the shots came from. About 40:54, a second car is shot in the radiator, with a burst of flames and cloud of smoke. When he grabs it, the rope is tightly coiled, when the camera angle changes the rope is very loosely coiled. Alternate Versions PG-13 1 hr 50 min May 26th, 1971 Western. Soundtracks. ©1993new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear()); Southwest Montesa. After 36 minutes, just before Sam comes to visit Jake in his camp, all the horses shadows are towards the camera, as they have the sun behind them, but Jakes shadow is towards a big rock, besides the horses. When Michael is riding his motorcycle next to the Ranger's cars there are wide modern day tire tracks in the dirt. Permanyer and Modesto Sole wanted to do this. I pushed the 12,000 mile road test that the factory had given the Impala and also the winning ways of the 175cc Scrambler (Bill Messer and I had competed in southern California desert races and finished as high as 5th.) "I have made two trips to the factory in Barcelona, Spain. The Lincoln County War occurred in 1878 so he would have been 10 or 11 years old. McCandles boys are trying to get ahead of the kidnappers. Big Jake (1971) - Goofs on IMDb - bloopers, mistakes, errors in continuity, plot holes, anachronisms, spoilers and more. Later Dan Gurney, famous race car driver, became interested; became a stockholder in the corporation; and he later brought in John Klug; and these two were primarily instrumental in obtaining large-scale financing from Orange County Bank in order to make large orders from Permanyer, Inc. in Spain. Also a wreck would have at least caused a misalignment requiring the resighting of the scope/rifle combo. Watching BIG JAKE right now, and “Dog” was not a Rough Collie, but did have a lot of Collie in him. As Jake is riding his horse beside the Rangers in the automobiles, he rides the horse into a creek. While in 1971 $1,000,000 1909 dollars might have been close to $6 million (still and absurd sum for then), in 2020 dollars it comes to approximately $26 million. Kim Kimball-later known as "Mr. Montesa" founded Montesa Motors Inc. and brought Montesa motorcycles into the United States, as exclusive USA Montesa Distributor. Toward the beginning of the movie, the Texas Rangers and the Crazy Credits A great many of these dealers were set up by Kim Kimball personally on road trips, many by mail; and later some by a sales network (salesmen travelling the country) Many came in as a result of promotional events and advertising. Cast. They are sable, tri or blue merle. Is that true?" A group of no less than eleven Texas Rangers show up in response to the kidnapping. John Wayne On A Motorcycle - (SILODROME) 00 $131.99 $131.99 It looked like Jake left the boys hat in the station house before setting out to get little Jake. Yet when the kidnappers ambush the Rangers, the rangers shoot back with only pistols. After the shootout in the hotel room, the strong box supposedly has its lock blown open by a shotgun blast, revealing its fake contents. Specialties: Harley Davidson repair. (at around 1h 20 mins) After the family squabble in the hotel room, Michael's hair is temporarily all brown, but suddenly changes back to streaked blond again. Big Jake's Tires is your destination for top-quality tire service in Benton,AR; Bryant, and Saline County. Steve Kirk and Kim Kimball later raced Baja and Kim established the record from Tijuana to la Paz with no support team! First, there is a contrast between old traditional and modern progressive values. At the time of it's original release, Big Jake topped the Box Office for 3 weeks and allowed Duke to be N°1 of the top 10 for the 4th and last time in 1971. Wayne is said to have used the Honda to get around the set and there are rumours that he wrote the bike off one evening after having had a few too … WATCH VIDEO. The river is shown flowing right to left, but should be flowing left to right or west to east. They sent Ron Nelson, John Desoto to Europe to compete. this was financed by public donations. Later graduated to a larger facility on Beverly Blvd. The amount demanded by the kidnappers is beyond absurd. Kim Kimball and Montesa Motors were also first in "sponsoring" these young motorcycle racers such as John DeSoto and Ron Nelson who won everything in the 250cc and 360cc class. When Jake is seen riding his horse down the steep hill after Michael, dark gloves can be seen on his hands as he controls the horse. When crossing the river into Mexico, the camera is on the Mexico side looking toward Texas. A Montesa was given to Neil Armstrong! When the camera angle changes he grabs the rope again and wraps it around his saddle horn. When viewed from behind, the shadows are on the vehicle's right-hand side, when the camera is in front, the shadows are on the left, even though the vehicles are traveling the same direction the entire time. When Big Jake (John Wayne) picks a fight with Mr. Sweets (Tom Hennesy) Jake hits him with a pool cue, the cue was clearly cut ahead of time as the cue has a smooth edge where it breaks just enough was left intact to keep it together. In the hotel room, James clearly punches Jake above the left eye, yet blood flows from his lip. Not only is that an unrealistic sum, but Martha tells Jake that she has "many times more". Designed to look road-ready, the chopper bike features a low ride and unique handlebars. When Big Jake falls in the mud early in the movie. Within minutes of leaving the river, the clothing worn by both of them is perfectly dry. Impossibly fast deer! About 40:44, the car explodes in midair as it goes off the cliff before it hits anything. After Sam Sharpnose comes back from checking if they are being followed, we hear Jake say, "We'll take a break here", but his mouth is saying something else. About Youtuber Established in 1994, Motorcycle.com is the premiere online resource for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts. Quotes A chopper is very different from any other type of motorcycle you could find. Pyle Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift W/ Dolly - Portable Ez Bike Rack, Front Rear Center Tire Wheel Engine Stand W/ Wheels-Low Profile Manual Flat Floor Hoist Table-PLMOTJC11,Black 4.0 out of 5 stars 76 $107.00 $ 107 . Also had "Viva Montesa" tee shirts and sweat shirts, decals, etc. Skid Steer and Equipment Tires. Was the dog in Big Jake John Wayne's real dog? He has his scoped-rifle slung over his left shoulder, it catches on the top of stairwell, almost pulling him over. In the shootout near the end, O'Brien tells James McCandalls, "I hear you killed two good men in a fair fight tonight. Presumably there are no gasoline stations along the way, and no extra fuel is seen being carried. Later in the same scene his suit is clean. When Michael is riding his motorcycle next to the Ranger's cars there are wide modern day tire tracks in the dirt. Find this Pin and more on Cool Famous People by Bette. More quotes from Big Jake Questions Question : At the beginning of the move it is established that Big Jake has not seen his sons for 10 years, but it appears he is close enough geographically to be found, summoned and arrive before the bad guys can get more than a days' ride away from the ranch. None of the motorized vehicles are carrying extra fuel. 9:02 am on December 8, 2019. In the next camera shot of the balcony, the rail is still intact. Around 39:00, you see the dust from the camera vehicle kicking up over the lead car and the motorcycle. Movie Details Where to Watch Buy DVD. Kim first started the business in a garage then in a small shop on Western Ave. in Los Angeles.