Read both sides of the indicator. For your car, 3 quarts of old fluid that you pulled sat half way full inside it. Remove Dipstick - Access point for transmission fluid. I like to check all my fluids when going on a long drive. The fluid must be within the hot cross-hatched area using the lowest level reading. In manual transmission vehicles, unusual gear shifts could be a sign of worn clutches, damaged … If we are dealing with a new transmission, start by removing the small Allen fitting in the drain plug. See if the fluid level is within the cross hatched area marked below a "C" (for cold). You'll clearly see when it touches fluid even if the fluid is light, and you can then determine where the fluid level is on the stick. In his free video tip Kent will show you the procedure he uses to get an accurate reading quickly. I read horror stories where some brothers paid 350 to 500 ,for this service. You are not alone! Replaces OEM Part 140589152100. Other types of transmissions that feature dipsticks may require checking the fluid level with the engine off. Next, press down on the brake and run through each gear to circulate the fluid. Clearly marked level indicators allow for easy-to-read measurements. If the fluid level is above the MAX range of the dipstick, remove fluid to reach the hashmark level. Look at both sides of the dipstick and take the lowest reading as the actual transmission fluid level. Help reading dipstick nissan an forum how to read dipstick for transmission acurazine acura can t get consistent reading on transmission dipstick hard to see oil level on dipstick 2016 honda civic how to check the fluids in a car 10 s with pictures Transmission Fluid Drain Refill And How The Do I ReadDipstick Oil … Reinsert the dipstick (being careful not to get in the way of moving engine parts) carefully until it bottoms out in the dipstick tube. We have a hard time accepting that fresh fluid causes transmission failure, so our inclination would be to have it done if you’re planning on keeping the vehicle a few years or longer. The transmission fluid level should be targeted within the cross-hatch area if at normal operating temperature 180°F-200°F (82°C-93°C). to check your transmission fluid on your honda cr-v find dipstick in the right end of the transmission housing. 6. Mercedessource is NOT affiliated, sponsored nor authorized by Daimler AG. When adding transmission fluid to your F-250 Super Duty, be sure to add it slowly as it will fill up quickly and is difficult to remove excess fluid if you overfill. Otherwise, once you reinsert the dipstick, it will come into contact with the thick fluid draining down the tube and give you a false reading. To get the correct color reading, pour a few drops on a clean white piece of cloth or paper towel. to measure the fluid level. Ok everyone, sorry if these are stupid questions but I just got a 2011 Traverse this weekend and I'm a little lost when it comes to the tranny dip stick and cap. Transmission fluid goes into the same small tube that the transmission dipstick is in. Then, with the car’s engine on and the car in park, place a funnel in the dipstick hole and pour in the correct fluid slowly and carefully. The vehicles are designed with the dealership in mind to maintain and service the transmission. Remove it and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. I changed the transmission fluid filter and fluid and gasket and the new fluid is so freaking clear that I can't read the stick. Wipe it clean with a rag and reinsert it all the way in. Once the dipstick is bottomed out, carefully remove it again. Here's the stick wiped clean: And here it is after dipstick inserted/removed while engine is idling at operating temp: Repeated wipe/insertion/removal and took another pic: I have no idea where the level is, other than to say that there is some trans fluid on the dipstick. Different transmissions use specific fluid with different grades of properties and viscosity, so don't add just any old transmission fluid or damage can occur. If the transmission fluid level in your F-250 Super Duty is low, you need to add transmission fluid through the dipstick tube. $20.73. Remove Dipstick - Access point for transmission fluid. There is a specialty tool made to check the fluid level from the top plug on top of the transmission. I can't find the tranny dip stick anywhere. Our transmission dipstick tool allows you to measure the fluid level at any time and to monitor fluid conditions to ensure proper vehicle maintenance. it lives on the street where my 1989 F150 leaks. I have about 24k miles on it and I figure I'd start draining the automatic transmission fluid. When it's hot I can't read it because I keep getting inaccurate readings. 123 chassis only Turbo Diesel - see list below. 4. Enables vehicle owner to maintain and monitor transmission fluid level (where applicable) O-ring seals the top of the dipstick, prohibiting contaminants from escaping into the engine oil bay; Direct replacement for proper fit; Brightly-colored handle makes the dipstick easy to locate under the hood; 2004-2006 Acura TL; 2005-2007 Honda Accord This is when I was reminded why I have not done this job yet...that damn dipstick. 5. This can take in excess of five minutes or so to get an accurate reading on the dipstick. However, many car owners don't check their transmission fluid levels on a regular basis. - Additional information on checking trans. Slipping gears or stains in the driveway can lead to irreversible damage to the transmission if it runs too low on fluid.